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When it comes to Human Resources laws they are constantly changing. Companies can find navigating the complicated array of HR and Compliance laws and regulations a real headache. We provide business with services and knowledge designed to manage employment risk and exposures.  Our expert certified HR professionals will help you implement the best practices, comply with employment laws, educate staff, and create procedures to prevent HR and Compliance issues from occurring while giving you the discretion to manage your business.

Questions regarding a tricky termination? At a loss about your rights as an employer? Puzzled by what you can and can’t ask potential employees? Not sure how to handle a current issue? We are here to help!

How we can keep your company ahead of the compliance game

  • 1. We match Your number of Employees to the Regulations Your Company must follow

    Companies with just a few employees are covered by many of the same laws and regulations as large companies, We are experts in being able to match the Federal Laws you must comply with based on the total number of employees your company has on staff.

  • 2. Full I-9 Audit Compliance Services

    We can help you stay in compliance with your I-9’s. We will conduct an audit whether you use E-verify or not and ensure your documents and process is in order. This will reduce your risk of government fines.

  • 3. Peace of Mind

    An important element of conducting your business is having the peace of mind knowing your HR practices are in compliance with all local, state and federal laws. Our certified HR professional has 20 years multi-state employment law experience and will evaluate your current practices and recommend best practices to help protect your business.

  • 4. We help you avoid Costly Fines

    Given the constant presence and oversight by entities such as the DOL, EEOC, and OSHA, companies could find themselves facing dire consequences if they overlook any compliance areas. We are available to help you maintain a compliant company

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