Dealing properly with employees is key to the success of your business.

Employees are your greatest assets.

We partner with you and build a relationship with you and your employees to help give you the tools needed to build successful teams.  By letting us take care of your day-to-day human resource needs, you have more time to focus on the main revenue generating pieces of your business.

Managing employees is one of the toughest jobs in today’s companies. We are here to be your go to HR expert for anything employee related, whether you need guidance on how to perform corrective action, coach a problem employee, dismiss an underperforming employee, or how to ensure your most productive employees understand their value.


How letting HRx Compliance help with you deal with your employees will help you

  • 1. We can train managers to have a strong and critical impact on Employee Relations in your Company.

    We can help to minimize employee relation issues by providing in-service training to managers/supervisors or coaching your leadership team on a one on one basis as the need arise

  • 2. We can investigate employee issues concerning discrimination, harassment, compensation, bullying, perceived unfair treatment and more

    If your company receives a complaint from an employee, you could find yourself at a cross roads with conflicting points of view. We can reduce your risk and frustration by handling the investigative work and asking the tough questions in an impartial and professional manner.

  • 3. We can ensure you are Prepared

    Companies that employ just a few employees are covered by many of the same federal laws that govern large corporations. Did you know that if you employ 1-10 employees there are 11 federal laws and regulations that you must follow? We make sure you are prepared and up to speed on all the laws and regulations that are constantly changing in Human Resources

  • 4. We Provide Managers with the Tools they Need

    We will collaborate with you to develop the communication tools, training resources, corrective action and supporting resources to meet the needs of your managers

  • 5. We supply a Dedicated HR Expert

    If you need guidance with corrective actions, investigations of employee claims, or any and all types of employee relations situations that come up on a day-to-day basis we have a certified HR expert that will personally guide you through your most simple to complex employee issues


Want to learn more about how HRx Compliance can help your Company?

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