Save $$ with our Flat Fee Placement Services and get the High Quality Placements we're known for

The Recruiting process can sometimes be a tedious process having to sort through hundreds of candidates. We offer an efficient recruitment and pre-screening process that lets you focus on what you do best, we will provide you with quality candidates allowing you to gain optimal results from the recruitment process in the most efficient way possible and gain a deeper understanding of each candidate before making the hiring decision.

We pre-screen candidates to help gain a better sense of their skill sets, character, attitude, and overall personality and how they will fit with your team.

These are just a few of the many benefits our Recruitment and Pre-screening Expertise imparts on the recruiting process.

Why use us for your Recruiting Needs?

  • 1. Reduce Recruiting Time

    We do all the work, all you have to do is interview the most qualified candidates and make the hire.

  • 2. Make Fewer Hiring Mistakes

    We can help reduce hiring mistakes by pre-screening candidates for you and only presenting candidates that meet your criteria.

  • 3. Decrease Staff Turnover Rates

    According to statistics it cost an employer approximately $5, 500 to replace an hourly employee who makes $8 an hour. Our expertise allows you to hire the right person the first time will greatly reduce the amount of turnover and its accompanying costs.

  • 4. Improved Hiring Precision

    We improve the hiring precision with pre-screening tools allowing us to understand a candidate even better than you can through only a face-to-face interview.

  • 5. Quantifiable Results

    You will see candidates that have successfully passed the screening process based on criteria we set in the beginning.


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